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Throughout our lives, no matter which campus attended, we share a bond through our Alma Mater

Las Vegas High School

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Las Vegas High School Alumni Association Board of Directors and Contact information

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Bruce Langson (Class of 1965)

(702) 265-1735     E-Mail:

Vice President:

Jakke Cline-Hicks Farley (Class of 2000)


Secretary & Treasurer:

Patty Haack (Class of 1956)

(702) 876-6660 E-Mail:

Board Members at Large:

Diane Striegel (Secretary to LVHS Principal)

Laura Ungaro (Class of 1963)

Laura Beverlin Dillon Chadburn (Class of 1970)

Maria Konold (Class of 1981)

Crystal Latham Beville (Class of 1981)

Larry Hahn (Class of 1956)

David H. Williams, Jr. (Class of 1972)


Committee Chairpersons:
Fund Raising - Laura Ungaro
Membership - Jakke Cline-Hicks Farley (Class of 2000)
Scholarships - Patty Haack
Wildcat Reunion - Patty Haack and Bruce Langson

Class Reunions - Patty Haack
Grants - Diane Striegel
Vehicle Donations - Bruce Langson
LVHS Liaison - Diane Striegel
LV Academy Liaison - Bruce Langson and Joe Thomson


Joe Thomson (Honorary Alumni)


Legal Counsel:

Senator Richard H. Bryan (Class of 1955)

Webmaster and social media:

David H. Williams, Jr. (Class of 1972)