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Throughout our lives, no matter which campus attended, we share a bond through our Alma Mater

Las Vegas High School


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Welcome to the Las Vegas High School
Alumni Association

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

We offer information about the group, present memorabilia and content pertaining to

Las Vegas High School and the alumni from all classes since 1907.

This is also a good place to contact us.


See the Wildcat Reunion page for details


You can now add the LVHSAA to the list of charities helped by Amazon Smile. When making purchases, simply go to and continue as you normally would. They will donate 0.05% of your purchase to the charity designated. This is just another way to add to the LVHSAA Scholarship Fund.


The 2015 Wildcat Reunion

Pictures here!

Class of 1960 55th reunion pictures

We had a contest and class of 1965 won this year.

click the picture below to see the pictures of the trophy.


Yearbook Auction

Thanks to the generous donation by an alumnus, we have the following yearbook: 1954

You can obtain this yearbook with a minimum $25 donation to the LVHSAA Scholarship Fund, plus the cost of postage if you live out-of-town. If there is more than one person interested in the same book, it will be sold to the highest bidder.
There is a lot of interest in the 1953 yearbook, so if you have one you would like to donate, please let us know. To date, yearbook auctions have made over $1600 for our scholarship fund!

Contact Patty at (702) 876-6660 or e-mail to if you are interested in bidding on this book, or if you have any LVHS yearbooks you would like to donate.



If you haven't heard, we now offer LVHSAA merchandise for sale 

Here is the list of merchandise and their prices

license plate holders


They are available by mail for an $8.00 donation each or may be picked up in-person for $5.00 each.

We now also have Wildcat pins
Wildcat metal lapel pins show your Wildcat pride!
Order by mail for a $7 donation (including shipping)

Official Wildcat Coffee cups



Info here



Price List


We will make them available to all classes that are having reunions, parties, luncheons, etc. if you would like to sell them to their classmates

order here:

Send check or money order payable to the LVHSAA Scholarship Fund to:

1854 Taylorville Street
Las Vegas, NV 89135

The proceeds go to the LVHSAA scholarship fund.


Donate a vehicle, such as a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, off-road
4-wheeler, or other objects of value and receive the
largest tax deduction available for your donated items.
For more details, contact Bruce Langson at
(702) 265-1735 or email to


Curious about the Wildcat float construction?

Go to our photo page for pictures.


We had a dedication ceremony for the new Senior Squares Memorial Project.

Monday April 29th 2013

The original squares are now replicated on a tile monument.
This is a tribute to Wildcat senior classes of the past. 1941-1988
There was a ceremony at Monday April 29, 2013 to dedicate the monument.
Alumni from the original high school were there.
Leading the event was Mayor Carolyn Goodman. along with
Wildcat and former Nevada Governor and U.S. Senator Richard Bryan
A Wildcat by marriage, Dina Titus United States Representative also attended the ceremony.


Now would be a great time to consider joining the association.

Current dues for individuals are $25.00 annual or $300.00 lifetime

For alumni married couples $40.00 annual or $500.00 lifetime

Current annual members reminder:

Your renewal payment is due by September 30th annually.

If paying by check you do not need a form - just send your renewal check, payable to LVHSAA, to:

LVHSAA, 1854 Taylorville Street, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Click here  for the membership form (if needed)!

You can pay and/or renew your dues through PayPal here

Membership Payment/Renewal

You can also donate to the scholarship fund via PayPal here



Teachers and Administrators:

We offer grants to the teachers and administrators

at Las Vegas High School, exclusively

and on a limited basis.

Please download and fill out the form.

click here


We are currently forming a mentoring service for the students of Las Vegas High School.
Staffing this service will be alumni devoting time and information to interested students.
Mentoring is on a strictly volunteer basis.
There are two downloadable forms -
one for applying to be a mentor
the other for students to show what they may be interested in.

(click one)

Mentor application

Student application


Does your class have a website?
Have it listed here on our links page

Email us to submit your link for the website all classes welcome.


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LVHSAA it's all of us together as alumni!